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  The site for unlocked MIO Gps. Pour tous ceux qui ont débridé ou ont l'intention de débrider leur Gps Mio. For all those who have unlocked or intend to unlock their Mio Gps.

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Warning :

This site is intended for people who have unlocked or intend to unlock their Mio GPS .

So, if you are looking for your Gps, tips, skins, radar files, voice or different unlock methods, I invite you to go to the site Miojaco.

Similarly, for all your technical questions concerning Gps or problems you might encounter, I can recommend the forum Mioskins.

My english is not so good. Therefore I ask you to excuse me for that. So, don't hesitate to correct me by sending a mail (see the link bellow).

Unlocked Mio C510

Purpose of the site :

If like me you have unlocked your Mio to install applications, games and tools, you could see that this has not been without difficulty. En effet, il faut passer beaucoup de temps pour rechercher les logiciels (gratuits), les télécharger, les installer et surtout pour vérifier qu'ils tournent sur nos GPS débridés. Indeed, we must spend a lot of time searching for software (free), download, install and especially to make sure they run on our unlocked GPS.

Ainsi, j'ai pu me constituer un petit catalogue d'applications qui s'installent et tournent sous Win CE 4.2 sur les Mio Cx10. Thus, I was able to establish a small catalog of applications that are running on Win CE 4.2 on the Mio Cx10. J'ai donc décidé de les mettre à disposition sur ce site pour ceux qui veulent éviter des recherches longues et inutiles. So I decided to make them available on this site for those who want to avoid lengthy and unnecessary time.

Site content :

For each tested software, you will find :

  • It name,
  • A brief description of the functions,
  • A personal comment,
  • A note,
  • A link for downloading,
  • The origin,
  • The type of installation.

The site is divided into 4 sections :

This last item is divided itself into 3 sections :

The content is frequently changing based on my findings (or yours) and my test. N'hésitez pas à y revenir souvent ! Do not hesitate to come back often!

New :

Contact :

If you want to give me your comments or your own findings, please feel free to send me a little mail here.

You can also contact me on Miobox, the blog for unlocked Mio Gps.

Last update: March 13, 2009