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Software tools for unlocked Mio

Applications for PDA and unlocked Mio

Warning : Following programs are used under your own responsibility. We could not be liable for damage to your device in the case of misuse.
Software Description Comment Note Installation Origin
Calculatrice Simple Calculator optimizing the screen of the Mio.

The same as on Windows PCs.

7/10 exe Hautil.free.fr

Scientific Calculator

Very complete scientific calculator (in English). Complete but complicated to use. 8/10 cab Pocket PC Freewares

A text editor like Notepad under Windows.

Not necessary if you use Total Commander.

5/10 cab
Tilanosoft - Pocket PC Freewares
French Calendar Appointment management. Lack of functionality. 5/10 exe Hautil.free.fr
English Calendar Appointment management. Much more comprehensive than the previous one. 7/10 exe Oyajin - Hamkumas.net
Customer Manager Business Contact Manager in English. Operational although the main contact is not accessible. 6/10 cab
SpreadCE Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Shareware version with popup. 8/10 zip Bye Design

Microsoft Money

To manage your expenses-English. The simplified version of a well-known program. 7/10 cab Microsoft - Yetanotherhomepage
nPOP (Mail) A mail client. Display problem, problem connecting to the Pop server. 4/10 cab Nakka.com
TCPMP Divx, mp3, jpeg, mpeg player. Indispensable for our Mio. 10/10 zip GpsPasSion
HPC Media Player Divx, mp3, jpeg, mpeg player. A variation on TCPMP, nicer but weighs 4 MB! 10/10 zip remotew.free.fr
Xnpocket Image viewer-Slideshow. The Pocket PC version of Xnview. Superb and performing but some inaccessible functions. 8/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares
GQe (Images) Jpeg, bmp player - Slideshow. Replaces advantageously the original Mio player. 7/10 zip hp.vector.co.jp
Winampaq Mp3 player like Winamp. Functional but not essential if you are using TCPMP. 7/10 cab Winampaq.com
GSPlayer Mp3/ogg/wav player. Simple but effective. 7/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares
Pocket Artist Image retouching PSD / JPG / GIF / BMP. Excellent, but 30 days lilited version. 8/10 cab Conduits.com
JinzoPaint Image retouching. Complicated to use. 5/10 exe Pocket PC Freewares
Pocket Paint Image retouching (Bmp format).

The same as on Windows PCs.

7/10 exe Pocket PC Freewares
Foxit Reader Pdf reader. But functional beta version 7/10 exe Foxit Software
PocketXpdf Pdf reader. Zoom not practical to use. 6/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares
Mobipocket Books reader for PDA. You get also HTML and TXT files. Complete and functional. 8/10 cab Pdagold.com
uBook Books reader for PDA. You get HTML, RTF and TXT files. Lighter than the previous one but functional. 7/10 cab Gowerpoint.com
Cenet_Viewers File Viewer for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pictures, pdf files. Will not work with PDF files. 8/10 zip Freeweb.hu
Orionic A small planetarium to identify the stars depending on your area and time.

For amateur astronomers.

8/10 cab Pdagold.com
Leos' Void A superb planetarium to identify the stars and planets. Very beautiful and complete but sometimes the Mio freezes. 8/10 cab yetanotherhomepage.com
Pocket Insight Allows noteworthy ideas, specifying words or phrases that are important in the text. Great but needs the Framework WP110VM (12 MB!). 7/10 cab Baliciel.com
PocketDOS A Dos 6.22 on your Mio. Allows to run all the old games for Dos.

For nostalgic. Shareware Version with popup.

8/10 cab PocketDOS.com
Metro A navigator for transport. More than 300 covered cities. Simply excellent for a free program. 9/10 zip Hautil.free.fr
OziExplorer A GPS Navigator for the excursion. Free program but cards to buy or make yourself. 9/10 cab Oziexplorer.com
NoniGPSPlot Another GPS Navigator for the excursion. Free program in demo mode.
** NEW **
9/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares

Last update : March 13, 2009

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