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  The site for unlocked MIO Gps. For all those who have unlocked or intend to unlock their Mio Gps.

Software tools for unlocked Mio

Utilities for PDA and unlockedd Mio

Warning : Following programs are used under your own responsibility. We could not be liable for damage to your device in the case of misuse.

Some of these utilities are already included into the different unlock methods. Vous les retrouverez ci-dessous pour mémoire ou pour complément. You will find below for memory or to complement.

Software Description Comment Note Installation Origin
Total Commander File Explorer replacing that of Microsoft. Includes a notebook and manages the zip archives.


10/10 zip Clubic/Mioskins
Total Commander 2.51 File Explorer replacing that of Microsoft. Includes a notebook and manages the zip archives.

** NEW **

10/10 zip ghisler.com
Dll pack

A set of Dlls to install in \Windows.

Mandatory to run some programs.

9/10 zip Xania Blue
Taskbar Taskbar and Start Menu for Windows. Mandatory. 10/10 exe Mioskins
Regedit Utility for managing the registry of Windows. Very useful but handle with care! 9/10 exe TascalSoft - Mioskins
Task manager A Task Manager like on PCs.Used to kill the process. Almost mandatory. 9/10 exe Yetanotherhomepage
Miotool Contains a tool for revealing the keyboard and another for stopping the Mio. Very useful. 8/10 zip Mioskins


A small program to perform a soft reset. Useful but not essential. 7/10 exe Pocket PC Freewares

Advanced Reboot

Used to restart, pause or lock your Mio like a PC with XP. Very successful. 8/10 zip remotew.free.fr


A small program to perform a Hard Reset.

To be used only when necessary!

7/10 cab


A little utility to change the orientation of the screen (Portrait / Landscape). Essential for some programs and games. 9/10 exe Pocket PC Freewares
Resinfo System Information: Battery, memory, system and tasks. Very useful. 8/10 zip Pocket PC Freewares
Peinfo Lets analyze an executable file, search and edit the hex code, view hidden icons and used dll. For specialists. 8/10 exe Pocket PC Freewares
Ssnap A little utility to make an image of your Mio at one point: Registry and files. Very interesting to know the contents of your Mio. 8/10 zip qtek9100.forumpro.fr
SoundWidget To put the volume icon of sound in the taskbar. Gadget but useful. 7/10 cab
DeSappear Tool to make transparent the texts under desktop icons. Not essential but functional. 6/10 exe Neutrio.com
Devmgmt A device manager as under Windows. Not essential but functional. 6/10 exe qtek9100.forumpro.fr
Tapright A tool to simulate right click Windows. Not essential but functional. 6/10 cab
Keybd A virtual keyboard. QWERTY keyboard choice. 7/10 exe gps-passion.ibelgique.com
EsyUnZIP The same as Winzip Needless when using Total Commander. 5/10 exe CNetX.com
PocketRar The same as Winrar Difficult to use. 5/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares


To write scripts in order to manage your Mio. Contains a complete script usable even without unlock: management of roads, skins, radars files... 10/10 zip Xania Blue - Sent by a Mioskins member.

GAPI for Win CE

DirectX for Windows CE.

Enhancement of graphic processing. With Test programs.
** NEW **

9/10 cab

Last update : March 13, 2009

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