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  The site for unlocked MIO Gps. For all those who have unlocked or intend to unlock their Mio Gps.

Software tools for unlocked Mio

Tools and Sofwares for PDA

Content :

You will find on the following pages a set of applications: Office, Music, Graphics, games and utilities that run on our unlocked Mio.

They have mostly been tested by myself on a Mio C510 under Win CE 4.2 with a screen resolution 320x240. So it is possible to generalize at all Mio running that OS. But I can not guarantee they run on the new Mio Cx20 running on Win CE 5.0. Therefore I'm waiting for the return of your testing about this last point.

Installation :

3 kinds of objects can be found on this site :

  • .exe files: These files are programs to be copied to a directory on your Mio. I advise you to create this directory in "\My Flash Disk" or on your SD card if you have one.
  • .zip files: Records containing all the files necessary an application. These files are to decompress beforehand on your PC. Next, copy all files in a directory of your Mio (as previously).
  • .cab files: Specific archives for automatic installing of applications on your Mio. Copy the files to your Mio to a temporary directory (for example: "\Temp"). On your Mio, using File Explorer, find the .cab, select and double click. The installation is done by asking an installation directory path.

Remark : In the 3rd case, the installation creates shortcuts usually needed in the "Start Menu" of the Mio. In the first 2 cases, you will have to create your own shortcuts using the Explorer. I advise you to do so with Total Commander wich you will find in the "Utilities".

Special case of .cab files

Some Mio do not have the wceload.exe program that installs .cab files. I now propose (if the .cab is not too complicated and it does not contain registry keys to install) a .exe or a .cab version that I created by the extraction of programs of the .cab file.

For some software, you can find a .cab version which installs automatically and a .exe or .zip version to install as indicated above.

In the case of .cab files that . couldn't extract and for users involved who want to take full advantage of all software on Miobox, there is an alternative to this problem: use the excellent MSCEinf that can be found in the "Tools for PC" .

The Sections

Software Description Comment

Set of utilities such as Explorer, Information System, Task Manager, rotating screen, keyboard management, soft reset ...

Almost essential to make the best use of your Mio as a PDA!

Applications Various pplications as: Spreadsheets, calculator, notepad, calendar, Divx player, image viewer, mp3 player ... To download and install according to your needs.

Various games as: Bricks, mahjongg, pinball, solitaire, Sudoku ...

For players.

Last update : October 10, 2007

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