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  The site for unlocked MIO Gps. For all those who have unlocked or intend to unlock their Mio Gps.

Software tools for unlocked Mio

Games for PDA and unlocked Mio

Warning : Following programs are used under your own responsibility. We could not be liable for damage to your device in the case of misuse.
Software Description Comment Note Installation Origin
Batty A classic smasher.

Portrait mode.

9/10 exe Clubic

The famous Chinese game.

Portrait mode.

8/10 cab
Pocket PC Freewares
4inLine A great game 'Connect 4'. Portrait mode. 9/10 cab
Porta-Pinball A classic pinball. Portrait mode. 8/10 cab Clubic
Gamebox A set of several small games, including Tetris, Snake, smasher, mahjongg ... Good. Portrait mode. 9/10 cab
Yatch The famous Yathzee game. Freeware version limited to one player. Portrait mode. 8/10 cab Clubic
PatienceCE Gold No less than 80 versions of Solitaires. Shareware version limited to 15 days. Portrait mode. 9/10 cab Pocket PC Freewares
PatienceCE 3 versions of Solitaires Freeware version. 8/10 exe Pdagold.com
Solitaire Solitaire game. The clone of Solitaire our PCs. 7/10 zip remotew.free.fr
Sudoku We do this more ... Thanks to Domchfr for the link! Portrait mode. 9/10 cab Pdagold.com
Msweep A clone of the famous Minesweeper. In black and white. 6/10 exe remotew.free.fr
Samegame Brainstorming game with bricks. Simple but interesting. 7/10 cab
Envoyé par un membre de Mioskins
CEBoard A chess game. It is possible to register the parties. 7/10 exe Yetanotherhomepage
Turbo Invaders The famous arcade game in Pocket PC version.

For nostalgic!
Portrait mode.

7/10 cab
Galactic Assault A variation of the last game.

Most modern version.
Portrait mode.

8/10 cab
Pacman 2 A great classic. Shareware version limited to 15 days. 8/10 cab
PacFun Another Pacman! Great version of the famous game. 9/10 cab
Tennis v1.1 Tennis game.

Great !
** NEW **

8/10 zip simbsoft.com

A simple arcade game.

To unwind a bit. 7/10 exe Yetanotherhomepage
Dove Hunting A pigeons shooting game.

To unwind, but a bit heavy for the interest.
Portrait mode.

6/10 zip Clubic

Last update : March 13, 2009

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