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Software tools for unlocked Mio

PC Tools (Windows 2000 / XP)

Programs on this page are complementary tools that will allow you to optimize the capabilities of your unlocked Mio. They are not essential, but highly recommended if you want to take full advantage of all the features of your GPS turned into a PDA.

Remark : These programs run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP but have not been tested with Windows Vista.

Software Description Comment Note Installation Origin

Windows CE 4.2 Device Emulator

Program for emulating a PDA on your PC and therefore to test some software before installing them on your Mio. Untested ---- .exe Microsoft - sent by a Mioskins member.
Win CE Cab Manager 2.0

Utility to read .cab installation programs for PDA but also helps to create.
Caution: shareware version limited to 15 launches!

Very useful if you want to build one .cab restoration file in the event of Hard Reset. 9/10 Setup.exe OCP Sotware - ZDNet
MSCEinf 1.5

Program to read . cab installation programs for PDA. It is possible to extract the data into a .inf file and publish a report in RTF format.

Very useful for checking the contents of .cab file and predict what files, directories and registry keys will be added during the installation. 10/10 .exe Pocket PC Freewares
PocketDivxEncoder 0.3.60 Convert Divx format in accordance with the resolution of your Mio screen: 320x240. A 700 MB Divx file will compress in less than 200! 9/10 .exe Clubic
Photo2pocketpc Convert pictures format in accordance with the resolution of your Mio screen: 320x240. ** NEW **
To optimize usage of the memory of your Mio.
9/10 .exe Clubic

Last update : November 18, 2007

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