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Software tools for unlocked Mio

How to unlock a Mio with Jojo's method

Warning :

To unlock a Mio is not an easy operation. En cas de problème ou de mauvaise utilisation, votre GPS pourrait être rendu inopérant. If there is a problem or misuse, your GPS could be rendered inoperative. Donc, si vous n'avez pas un minimum de connaissances en Informatique ou si vous n'avez pas vraiment besoin de débrider votre Mio, nous vous conseillons de le laisser en l'état. So, if you do not have a basic working knowledge of IT or if you do not really need to unlock your Mio, we advise you to leave it as it stood.

The proposed method here minimizes the risk, in fact, a simple Hard Reset is enough to restore your Mio in the original condition.

Unlocked Mio C510 by Jojo's method


Unlock :

That is not the purpose of this site since it assumes that your device is already unlocked, and you can find all the methods available on Miojaco.

However, for those who have not yet unlocked their Mio and who are tempted by the experience, I propose my own approach, release 4.2 (Full english version) available since 2008 January 25th, which applies to Mio C510 / 710.

Before upgrading your Mio, you can download and read the tutorial of the installation.

This simple and secure method can upgrade your Mio completely by installing a number of applications making it immediately operational:

1°) Programs:

  • A Notepad ,
  • A Calculator,
  • An Agenda,
  • A Divx player (TCPMP),
  • A Picture Viewer (GQe) which replaces the original program of Mio.

2°) Tools:

  • Task manager,
  • Sound icon of the taskbar,
  • Explorer (Total Commander),
  • Miotool,
  • Un outil pour la rotation de l’écran à 90 ° ( nécessaire pour utiliser les jeux ), A tool for the rotation of the screen at 90 ° (necessary to use games),
  • A tool to launch a Soft Reset,
  • A shortcut for Activ Sync.

3°) Games

  • Bricks,
  • Gamebox (several little games),
  • Mahjongg,
  • Solitaire,
  • Sudoku.

4°) Automatic launching at startup of Mapreceiver.exe program that will be required to use Mio Transfer or Mio Transfer Hack on your unlocked Cx10.
5°) Needed shortcuts on the desktop and in the Start Menu.

Version 4.2 adds to this set:

  • A spreadsheet (SpreadCE),
  • A utility: Regedit,
  • A tool to perform a Hard Reset (if returned to VAS)
  • Viewers for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files,
  • Un nouvel arrangement des menus, A new arrangement of menus,
  • Installation in "My Flash Disk" instead of "Program Files".

Here's a sample of screens in release 4:

Unlock by Jojo Start Menu
Accessories Menu Games Menu
Office Menu Tools Menu


Last update : March 11, 2009

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